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Thank you!
Because of the generosity and hard work of all of our friends, we raised over $135,000 for Shower Strike 2014! We are overwhelmed with gratitude for your efforts for this fundraiser, your incredible generosity, and your dedication to getting clean water to those who have none.
We appreciate you so very much. And, so do the thousands of people whose live you changed.

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Shower Strike featured on Maria Shriver blog
Thank you, Maria Shriver, for helping us promote Shower Strike!


(This one is not an April Fools joke.)

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Another Donor Match!

We're not quite there yet! Donations remain open through this Saturday, April 5th. And, to help, we are thrilled to announce a $2500 match, thanks to Alpha Omega Wireless. They will match $2500 if we can collectively raise $2500 by Saturday. We can fund all three clean water systems for our communities if we reach our final goal, and we know we can do it!

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Awesome Gift With Donation to Dulce Vida!

Dulce Vida is giving away a full swag bag to anyone who donates $60 or more to their Shower Strike page by midnight tonight! Goodies include two t-shirts, two koozies & two decals!

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Prize for Top Striker Today

Well Aware will award the top fundraiser today, Saturday, March 29th, with an autographed copy of photographer Brett Buchanan's Well Aware Journey Book. This beautiful book tells a visual story of the work of Well Aware, and is a collector's item. Regardless of what you have raised so far, if you are the top fundraiser TODAY, you will receive this treasure for your dedication to clean water.

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We Made the Match Challenge!
We're so thrilled to announce that, with your incredible support yesterday, we raised $13,897 by midnight last night and made our $10,000 donor match challenge! That means we raised $23,897 in ONE DAY yesterday for clean water!

We are so inspired by our incredible fundraisers this year, and we still have some work to do to meet our goal. Please keep up the awesome work and spread the...

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Donor Will Match $10,000 to Shower Strike Today

We are thrilled to announce that a very special donor will contribute $10,000 TODAY towards Shower Strike if we can collectively raise $10,000 before midnight tonight, Thursday, March 27th. That could mean at least $20,000 raised in one day for clean water! If you were going to contribute or ask for donations, now is the time!
Total as of this morning (12:00am CST): $86,845

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Way to go Stinky Fishes!

Our Strikers of the Day are the fabulous Fish family! They are on their fourth Shower Strike this year! Back in 2011, their first year to Shower Strike, Melanie Fish said: “We decided who better to participate in the annual Shower Strike than a family with the last name Fish? No one likes smelly fish.” It was true then, and it’s still true now! Congrats on meeting your goal, you...

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Stinker of the day is Brett Buchanan
Brett was introduced to Well Aware last Fall and earlier this year he traveled with the team to Kenya. After seeing the lack of basic necessities and water first-hand during the trip, Brett decided to participate in Shower Strike. If you were at the launch party you saw the video he did with pictures he took while on the trip and his photo book that was in the silent auction. Thank you ...

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Great Shower Strike Kick-off Event for World Water Day!

What a great night! We were so happy to see everyone turn up to learn more about Well Aware and the Shower Strike, and we were inspired by everyone's enthusiasm to meet our goal this week! Shower Strike is so important because the more people who know about this cause, then more impact we can make. Shower Strike is a very effective way to introduce people to, or further educate them on,...

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Today's Striker of the day
Our Striker of the Day is Mike Mutuku, our invaluable field manager in Kenya! He is going on Shower Strike for the first time this year (although he’s been a dedicated member of our team since 2010.) Mike oversees and monitors all of Well Aware’s projects in Kenya. Mike says working with Well Aware has been both heart and soul-fulfilling for him. We couldn’t agree more about...

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Today's Striker of the day!
Today we are highlighting Elizabeth Ackley. This is Elizabeth's first year to strike and she is "excited and a little hesitant to be participating in this fundraiser!" She was an early registrant and was the lucky winner of the Well Aware swag bag.

She is hoping to reach her goal of $1000.00 BEFORE March 21st and she WILL MATCH EVERY DOLLAR donated to her campaign by that date. So show...

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Meet our Stinker of the Day!
Mary Ellen Fine has been a dedicated participant every year since it started in 2009. A seasoned Striker, Mary Ellen says the hardest part of not showering for a week is how itchy her hair and scalp become, but her temporary and minor discomfort does not compare to the painstaking hours children in Africa spend collecting water every day. Thank you for your commitment to our cause, Mary...

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Shower Strike 2014 is almost here- just 10 days until launch. Welcome new registrants! This is going to be the BEST Strike ever.
SHOWER STRIKE Q&A: We'll be sending emails every few days to answer most of your questions about Shower Strike. But we're also hosting a live Twitter Q&A on Wednesday, March 19th, from 7-9pm CST. Be sure to follow Well Aware on Twitter and login at that time!

RESOURCES: Check out our Shower Striker Support page for images and text that you can cut and paste into your social media and...

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Shower Strike Launch party coming up Friday, March 21st
Check out the Facebook event page for more details and to RSVP.

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Announcing - Shower Strike 2014 projects
We are thrilled to announce the water systems that will be a reality with your support of Shower Strike 2014. All of us at Well Aware are deeply honored to be working in these communities and with these exceptional partners.

Welcome to the Well Aware family, Emining, Exrock and Nyakio. See how these projects will transform communities below, and please help us spread the word about

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The Strike officially begins in 20 days
Getting anxious about raising the dough? Don't worry! It is easier than you think, and we're here to help. Our Striker Support Page has text and templates for emails and social media to make your appeals easy-breezy. All you have to do is copy and paste. But, feel free to get as creative as you want.

Don't forget that the top fundraising team and individual will have a...

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Welcome Angela Rawna, Well Aware ambassador and Shower Striker
We're thrilled to welcome Angela Rawna, actress and entrepreneur, known for her role on television show, Friday Night Lights, and in the upcoming Richard Linklater film, Boyhood, as our new brand ambassador for Well Aware and Shower Strike!

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Dulce Vida Tequila Sponsors Shower Strike!
Welcome to the Shower Strike, Dulce Vida! Thank you for being such a great supporter of our work, and for proving the world with delicious, organic tequila.

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Shower Strike early sign-up and swag bag winner
Thank you to all of the Shower Striker alum and new friends who have already registered! The winner of the Well Aware swag bag full of goodies is Elizabeth Ackley (who has already started raising money!). Congratulations Elizabeth and thank you for signing up early! We'll be in touch to get you your prize.

Happy Striking!

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Some of the faces that we get to bring water to this year with Shower Strike

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Welcome AW Media to our rock star sponsors!
AW Media has joined our impressive list of sponsors for Shower Strike 2014! AW Media Inc. publishes austinwoman Magazine, Austin Man Magazine, Pink Pages, Guide to Good Health and produces an annual AW Anniversary Event as well as numerous other events throughout the year.

Welcome to the Shower Strike movement, AW team!

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Go Shower Strikers!
Welcome to Shower Strike!

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Anonymous Donor $30.00 I commend you for your dedication and kindness!
Anonymous Donor $250.00
Anonymous Donor $20.00
Paula Harris $15.00
Susan Word $20.00
Melissa Moore $20.00
Bill Fischer $50.00
Marsh and Allana Lavenue $100.00 sorry for the timing on the donation ! We wish you success.
INTERA Incorporated $250.00 You never smelled at all Joan, must be good living. Thank you for your commitment to Well Aware.
INTERA Incorporated $250.00 Thanks for your commitment to the cause Daniel.
INTERA Incorporated $250.00 Proud of you Cody. Thanks for being part of our team.
Anonymous Donor $1000.00
John Glidden $100.00 Good luck from Glidden Spina & Partners
Danny Brown $45.00 My coworkers may demand that I stay home. Awww, shucks.
Josh & Jessica Josh & Jessica $100.00
Sarah Bird $25.00 Yay, Mary!!
Jean-Marc Fray $150.00
Andrea Spriet $45.00
John and Carol Sharp $200.00
Anonymous Donor $45.00 Such a great cause!
Anonymous Donor $16.58
donald ryndak $45.00
Kirk Killough $250.00
Phil Benvenuto $60.00
pat easley $15.00 We sponsor wells through my church. It really makes me feel how fortunate we are. Thanks you for helping others.
Joe Wargo $2500.00
Carole Marsh $15.00
Dede Clark $50.00 Bathe woman!
rick w says stop the stink $50.00 Thanks for making us all aware.
Audrey Hicks $60.00 : )
Kara Miller $60.00 I can smell you from Round Rock..
Emily Gilbert $45.00
chris Self $60.00 you wreak
Primrose School at Vista Ridge $45.00
Grayson Cain $200.00 My dad already stinks on a daily basis..... after two weeks its pretty much intolerable. Please help us raise the roof!
Jessica and Steve Smaha $45.00
becky willard $45.00
Andi & Ren Andi & Ren $25.00 Thanks for your loving heart, Sara!
Nina Beucler Rebstock $45.65 Great Cause! Thank you!
Anonymous Donor $100.00 For Stephanie and for Freedom and Opportunity for all
Claire Briehan $30.00
Linda Williams $25.00
Dawn Scholtens $92.00 I am VERY proud of my Stinkers! They are amazing.
Terri Beim $100.00 Bless you and all you are doing to bring clean water to those families.
Angel Morrison $70.00
Don And Linda Gutmann $100.00
Richard Sorenson $500.00 Thirsty Planet doesn't hold a candle to Dulce Vida - The Most Awarded Tequila
Stacy Sadler $100.00 We're almost there! Great work Well Aware! I'm so proud to be part of such a solid organization!
Filomena Dawson $25.00
Julie Baselice $100.00
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