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Recent Updates

Generous Donor is Doubling all Donations Today, 4/22
We Have Incredible News on this Earth Day!
We are thrilled to announce that anonymous donors have generously offered to MATCH all donations to our Shower Strike campaign, up to $15,000, until midnight tonight.

This is an incredible opportunity to double your gift of clean water for those who have none! You can donate here now. Our communities appreciate donations in any amount, especially on...

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The Bathing Boycott Has Begun!

Shower Strikers Hundreds of people have stopped showering today, and we will not bathe again until we reach our goal amount for new desperately-needed water systems in Kenya. Or, until next Saturday- we'll be reasonable.

Don't worry, we're staying clean, but we're making this sacrifice so that people who currently have no water can have new lives. So, we don't really mind. But we sure would love your help!...

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PRESS RELEASE: Bathing Boycott Begins, Recent tragedies in Kenya lend new urgency to Shower Strike

SS-Header aqua.jpg

AUSTIN—Well Aware, the Austin-based nonprofit that builds water systems for impoverished communities in Kenya, will launch its Shower Strike® April 18. The global annual fundraiser recruits volunteers to stop showering for one week or until they raise at least $1,000 toward life-saving clean water. Teams and individuals can sign up at www.ShowerStrike.org. People who want to support the...

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MariaShriver.com Posts about Shower Strike on Homepage

We're humbled and honored to have our Shower Strike posted on MariaShriver.com. 

Shriver’s website, MariaShriver.com, features life stories and life lessons from Architects of Change aimed at inspiring people to use their own ideas, influence and initiative to go out and make an impact on our world.

Read our story on her site here.

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Shower Strike 2015 Celebrity Strikers Announced
We are so fortunate to have the support of some very special people for our Shower Strike for clean water this year.

We are so honored to introduce our line-up of 2015 Star Stinkers.

Case McCoy

Case is a former American football quarterback for the University of Texas Longhorns and an Austin favorite. His passion for helping the most vulnerable led him to international development philanthropy in...

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A Note From our Founder on Shower Strike

I can hardly believe that we are approaching our annual Shower Strike. Next month will mark the seventh time a group of brave volunteers have eschewed showering to raise funds and awareness for clean water. Our very first Shower Strike in 2009 raised $25,000 in one week. Last year, we raised $135,000. Over the past seven years, through Shower Strike alone, we have provided clean water to more...

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Ellen DeGeneres Joins Shower Strike® 2015! (But, not really.)

While we know Ellen would be a huge fan of going on Shower Strike to help us raise funds and awareness for clean water, she has not joined our campaign(yet). Since we now feel horrible about toying with your emotions, we want you to know we still have good news!

There's still time for YOU to join Shower Strike® 2015 to change hundreds of lives in just a few days. It's fun, it's easy, it saves...

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World Water Day- Time to Register!

You Can Be the Change on World Water Day

World Water Day is today. In honor of this time we've been given to make a difference for global water issues, we invite you to join our 7th annual ShowerStrike®. Registration is now, and we launch our global awareness and fundraising Shower Strike campaign on April 18th.

What is Shower Strike®? For one week, every year, volunteers across the globe...

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New Student Team Packages Available Now!

Children in Africa lose more than 400 million school days a year because they’re drinking dirty water and getting sick.

Well Aware is providing schools the opportunity to do something about that, have fun, and teach students some great lessons. It can all happen by being a part of the Shower Strike for Well Aware. It happens the week of April 18-25, 2015.

Students in many parts of the US have...

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The Dates Are Set!

Drum roll please... the stink will start April 18th!  Prepare yourself for hundreds of participants from around the world, all eschewing their showers for a good cause.  Register now (just over there to the right of this page) to make sure you're receiving all of our event updates and helpful tools.


Austinites and friends traveling to Austin: The Shower Strike 2015 Launch...

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Pamela Floyd $20.60
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Nada Woood $500.00 Thanks for all you do to help others...we are so very proud of you and Tasha! Nada and David
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Heather Seiter $20.00
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Laura Seris $200.00 Thanks for being so awesome and helping people have clean water around the world!
Amanda Cernovich $2.00 Logged by Micah
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Geoffrey Ryder $200.00 Accidentally went on on another shower strike;-)
Londa & Jay Daily $50.00
mary olson $20.00 we are so proud of the amazing work you are doing!!
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Valerie Lee $50.00 Love my sweet generous daughter! Way to go!
Geoffrey Ryder $100.00 Sorry for the delay:-(
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